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AI Chat Bot Builder

Krowd's Chatbot Builder, a leading no-code tool powered by ChatGPT, allows agencies to quickly create advanced AI chatbots using business data, enhancing automation and delivering impactful results for AI & Automation Agency clients.

Cross-Channel Support enables seamless chatbot integration across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and more, ensuring a consistent user experience. It also connects with essential tools like Google and Microsoft calendars, Twilio, Mailchimp, and Zapier, enhancing functionality and reach across various platforms.

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AI Restaurant Marketing Platform

Embark on a marketing adventure with our superheroes, armed with the ultimate toolkit for business promotion. Our comprehensive suite includes an AI chatbot, enticing offers, subscription management, contest organization, and robust email and SMS communication tools.

Designed to not only attract customers but also encourage repeat visits and increased spending, our solutions are crafted to elevate your business's marketing strategy to new heights.

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Realty Respond

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