Small businesses deserve great marketing tools
Krowd empowers small business with big business tools. Customers are a moving target. They use different devices to find and research your business online. Small business has a unique challenge to keep up with changing technology.

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Our powerful customer knowledge engine automatically captures your customer data,
making it easy to track every interaction with your customers. We then automatically interact
with your customers to bring them back weather they come often or they only come sometimes.
Mobile Maketing
Our mobile devices are with us at all the time. We use them to find place we are in search of, we use them to discover new place, to keep in touch with the people and place we care about. We help you become part of that world by offering special discounts and rewarding your loyal customers.
  • Proximity Marketing - Delivers real-time mobile push notifications, tailored to your customers and triggered by time or location.
  • Notifications - Tell your customers whats going on in your retail location.
  • LiveDeal - Drive customers to your retail location with real-time offers. Great for when your business is slow.
  • Easy Points - Earn Points for visiting a location, checking in on Facebook, liking posts, clicking on an email campaign and more.
  • Rewards - Cash in your points for rewards online or via the app.
  • Specials - Publish your daily specials so customers know your specials before they visit.
  • Coupons - Nothing drives customers like coupons. With Krowd, you get digital coupons that you can track.
  • PLUS, our award winning coders are adding more right now!
DailyDeals Engine
  • Tired of paying huge fees to large daily deal site those days are over Krowd only keeps a small fraction, usually just a few dollars per deal, so more of your more stays in your pocket!
  • Gain more customers by sending your deal to customers who have not purchased a deal from you.
  • Eliminate zip codes to avoid customers close to your location from buying deals. Don't ignore them, but don't offer them the same deal.
  • Send to customers who are no longer engaged with your business to bring them back or get people moving into town first.
Know your customers
  • Get to know your customers, understanding who they are and what they do! This is called Big Data and usually only accessible to BIG businesses, but not any more.
  • Know your top store visitors and best social 'influencers'.
  • Customer knowledge is king! When a user is added to your CRM Krowd checks to see what it knows, or can learn via Internet scrubbing, about that user and adds that information to your contacts. Krowd will even append a photo of them from the social sphere.
  • Behavioral data and advanced lead scoring help you understand how your customers are engaged, or not engaged, to drive traffic and sales forward.
Automated Response & Email Marketing
  • Automatically send emails for customer retention, we miss you, thanks for visiting, How did we do, are only a few of the autoresponders you can create.
  • Choose from dozens of beautiful, Google-optimized and mobile compliant/responsive templates.
  • Edit content and design in real-time with our built in WYSIWYG/Easy-Site, editor.
  • Leverage a full suite of easy-to-use tools to manage every aspect of your email and cross-channel marketing programs.
  • Track your success with real-time reporting that makes it easy to plan your next strategy.
  • Instantly send welcome emails to new customers.
  • Send a series of emails to educate your customers on your products and services.
  • Send event based emails to your subscribers as events happen.
Reputation Management & Monitoring
  • Lead customers who recently visited to your review funnel so they can tell you how you did.
  • Your happy customers are the ones you want to become reviewers on Google, Facebook and the sites that matter. We'll help you achieve this.
  • Recover unhappy customers early to prevent negative reviews on the major review engines.
  • Turn positive reviews into automated SEO-friendly Web and social media content
  • Single Dashboard to monitor multiple review sites for all your storefronts.
  • Krowd Review Monitor will monitor your new reviews from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Yahoo, YellowPages and more..
  • Review Notification when a review is less then desirable.
  • A Harvard study on restaurants showed that a difference of 1 star can translate to 9% increase sales.
  • Single Dashboard to monitor multiple review sites for all your storefronts.
Wifi Marketing
  • Our check-in and redirect features turn your Wi-Fi into a powerful social media tool. Start building valuable customer marketing lists today!
  • Lets you market directly to customers that have opted-in to your Social Wi-Fi network.
  • Discover unique visitors, dwell-times, walk-by conversions and more through our customizable platform.
  • Automated messaging to help you bring people back through your door!
  • Customers that stay longer spend more money, wifi brings people to your location.
Phone Tracker
  • Record inbound calls free.
  • Real-time analytical data is the easiest way to track marketing and ROI.
  • Easily track the performance of your advertising phone numbers from one convenient dashboard.
  • Create custom landing pages for newspaper, billboard, radio or TV with real-time metrics.
  • Track banner ads you purchase to compare analytical data to ensure your advertising strategy is performing.
  • Krowd builds ONLY Responsive, Google and mobile compliant sites. Sites that are search engine/Google optimized and compliant.
  • Update your website anytime/anywhere 24/7/365.
  • Krowd employs Google certified agency professionals and provides maximum efficiency and results for your Google Adword campaigns.
  • Krowd provides regular reports direct from Google(bot), that verify your site is functioning and Google-friendly.
  • One simple platform to update content across all devices.
  • Powerful analytical data tools to track the source of your traffic. As an informed business owner and/or manager you should always know how visitors behave, what sites and campaigns refer the most traffic, if your TV ad sends traffic, does your newspaper ad send traffic, and more.