Monetize your WiFi

Usefull authentication without the password management hassles.. Your staff has enough to do! Krowd Wifi offers more marketing impressions and more engagement opportunities.

Connect the dots with wifi

Krowd gets the most out of your wifi network. Easily create and edit content to be displayed at the beginning of each wifi session. Content may include information on events, special offers, newsletter subscriptions, social actions and more. Krowd Wifi is a great way to improve enagement using a free resource. Krowd Wifi helps you see your customers as individuals. Offer rewards for social actions, purchases, email subscriptions and more.

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While You Wait

Get to know your customers while they wait in line. Identify your best customers. Learn why they love your business and how you can attract others like them. Offer incentives to return to customers who haven't visited in a while.

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Showcase Your Offer

When customers allow, you can send them notifications and or email to inform them of special offers and upcoming events while they are present and after they leave.

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Measure Results

Krowd's Wifi Analytics make it easy to measure the success of a promotional campaign, establish benchmarks and set clear goals to improve ROI of your marketing initiatives. Discover unique visitors, dwell-times, walk-by conversions and more through our customizable platform.

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