DailyDeal Engine
Don't Spend More Than You Need To

Popular Daily Deal sites typically resell your deep discounts offer to their customer list. When someone buys your deeplu discounted product the Daily Deal site then charges you a high fees for processing, leaving you with big loss in revenue.

Krowd gives you more flexibility at a much lower price.

Better data. Means better targets.

We know marketing your small business is no easy task but why are you giving away 75% off your product or service. There are better ways to market your business than large daily deal web site. That is what your doing when you sell a $20 for $10 you have already cut your price in half and you still have to pay the deal company that sent your deal so you spilt the deal with them 50/50 that leaves you with $5. How does that make sense? Your hoping they become a life long customer, but how will you know if they become a life long customer. Stop the madness let Krowd show you the right way.

Robust analytics to track your spending
Our analytics reports will inform you and help you learn more about your customers. Build brand awareness and capture revenue with a local marketing campaign that works for you and not for the daily deal engine.
Deals create a reason to follow up

So you ran a successful deal. You acquired new customers and they shared the deal with friends. Great job! Don't let it end there though! Survey these new customers. Ask them to write a review and share their experience with friends. This produces an ever-increasing number of new and happy customers, which also reduces the need, or scope, of future deals.