Automated Response and Email Marketing
Email Content & Design
Creating industry-pertinent quality content for an email newsletter is the primary reason why it doesn't happen. The same applies to website, blog & social media interactions. Managers are not content writers, and, therefore, do not produce social media posts and email industry email newsletters. We provide your newsletter content, but also encourage you to provide something original within the newsletter as well. Something as simple as notice of a sale pending, etc. It is a great idea for you to participate in your newsletter, but if you are busy, it ids done for you. It is as simple as that!
Professional Email Design

The key to a compelling email is the same as it is for a web page. Firstly, it has to be easy to read, with key elements in the "hot zones". Secondly, it has to be highly relevant to the recipient. And thirdly, it must be formatted in such a way that it is readable in the thousands of various email clients, sites, etc. As always we do all this for you, but we welcome your original content, comments, or other additions. You can do it all, or let us handle it for you.

Fully Automated Delivery
80% of email fail to arrives to the intended recipients inbox. And you will never know without the right tools. The RealtorReach system uses intelligent logarithms to ensure that 99% of emails get to the inbox, or are reported as being failures. Analytics is the key to success for agents marketing themselves online.
Lead and Referral Notification

You need to be aware of the fact that a lead has presented itself. RealtyReach ensures that you will be aware of the fact that you have a new lead in the system. Any interaction with your portal is immediately sent to you. Your customers share content they love to read. That encourages others to read your content and you never know which one of those referrals will be in the market to buy or sell a property.

View Dashboard and Reports

Log into your dashboard to view campaigns before they’re sent, check on previous campaigns and view their success rates, and even manage your contact list. You can also run reports that monitor the degree to which your clients, and prospects, are engaged with your content.

Import Email Contacts

As always we can upload your contact list to Krowd, or you can easily log in and import them easily. Contacts made from your portal/site are automatically added to your email list. No need to worry! You will be aware when a contact is added and how they were obtained.